Voice is the future!

Voice service is growing very quickly, and becoming an integral part of our lives. People nowadays want everything to happen with just with their voice. You might have already seen a various commercial in which user ask a voice-operated device to something & voila it happens. Since 2017, sales of the smart speaker (voice service device) is increased by 50%. People love talking, so why not increase your reach by providing what they want a voice application.

What is amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is the name of virtual assistant created specially to use on device like Amazon echo or Amazon Dot etc. by Amazon lab126. It uses the sound of our voice. Alexa is capable of performing several tasks like playing music, voice interaction, controlling smart devices of our house holds etc. Capabilities of Alexa can be increased by adding skills (installing 3rd party applications).

How we can help:

Amility alexa skill development process depends upon the needs of your business. Whether you have an application or not, or if you want an application developed paralley with an alexa skill or you need only alexa skill we are here to help you with our team of experts.

  • We provide end to end design, developement and management of the Alexa skill .
  • Collaborative outline and prototyping of your voice experience.
  • We manage services like hosting, maintaining and managing your alexa skill.

Our Alexa skill development services include:

  • Smart home skill kit development.
  • Voice game skill development.
  • Custom skill development.
  • Backend development.
  • Amazon web services (AWS lambda and AWS dynamodb).
  • SupportAlpha & Beta testing.
  • Future maintenance and support.

Hear the success stories from our clients!

Let's have a look what our valued clients are saying about us!

Amility handles many of our Web Application requirements and recently they have launched an alexa skill for us named CHESS WITH MORGAN, allows anyone to play chess with alexa. I would like to recommend Amility to everyone as they are a team of very dedicated professionals with the right attitude.

Chicmomo Inc., United States

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