Hybrid Application

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Hybrid Application

These applications are like every other application you found in the market. They can be used them to play games, share things, do stuff like photography, videography etc. As we have seen several websites on the internet, hybrid applications are developed using those web technologies like CSS, HTML, and AngularJS etc. The main difference is that hybrid applications use the Web-View on a mobile platform. This allows hybrid applications to access mobiles device capabilities that in general are restricted while accessing them from a mobile browser.

For developing hybrid applications, we use two frameworks:

  • • Phone gap
  • • Ionic

Phone Gap

Phone is an amazing technology which can be used to create an application just once and then we can deploy that application over any platform i.e. iOS, android, Symbian etc. This will help anyone to get maximum ...

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Initially it was very tough to create the hybrid applications but after the introduction of several frameworks like Ionic, work has become so easy. Ionic framework act a bridge between the AngularJS web pages and the hybrid mobile ...

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Amility handles many of our Web Application requirements and recently they have launched an alexa skill for us named CHESS WITH MORGAN, allows anyone to play chess with alexa. I would like to recommend Amility to everyone as they are a team of very dedicated professionals with the right attitude.

Chicmomo Inc., United States

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