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Web Development

Getting on the Internet and having a website is quite an important decision for the business. Having a website will provide better edge to your business and is an investment which will help your company to grow in the better way. So it is very important to own a website as everything is digitizing now so why not your business. It won't be much burden for burden for your company to own a basic site which can expand as your need in the future.

We can develop website application very efficiently which can help you and your business grow stronger at both levels i.e. at offline and online level. We can build the website which suits your purpose whether it is of content management system, an e-commerce website, a blog and much more. We can build the website in the variety of programming language and build them in such a way so that can take full advantage of the latest technologies.

We have a team dedicated to our clients and consult your needs in the whole process. We will take care of your choices and provide you with a draft site and check it until we will get what you want. We will provide you with the best design possible according to your business needs.

E-Commerce Solutions

Website that allows you to sell product online are e-commerce website. Users are allowed to browse through variety of stuff and buy anyone of them if they like it. Amility technologies first evaluate your ...

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Social Media Website Development

The method for correspondence is totally changed by Social Networking. Explanation for the ubiquity of Social Networking is its normal for sharing thoughts and messages or whatever else at extremely irrelevant ...

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CMS arrangements got exceptionally alluring for organizations websites since now business people could keep up their content - which implies less cost, more breakthrough content, and higher basic quality standards. No big ...  

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A private network that is used by an organizations staff only is intranet and a website is created for the similar purpose is considered as intranet website. We can easily store, access that information from one place about the people we need. Amility...

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Framework (cake php)

CakePHP is a web development framework that runs on PHP. It helps making websites simpler, faster and with less code. It is an open source framework. It uses the MVC (model-view-controller) approach. This design...  

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