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A private network that is used by an organizations staff only is intranet and a website is created for the similar purpose is considered as intranet website. We can easily store, access that information from one place about the people we need. Amility Technologies design the intranet websites in order to meet organization needs and needs of the staff.

These websites helps in improving the staff efficiency as they have every information available at one place. Developing intranet website is a challenging task as it is very complex to design and implement them. Amility Technologies under their clients business and process completely and then provide them with an intranet website that consists of wide range of information and functionality that will help in improving the staff efficiency. We also provide our client with the standard operating environment (SOE) which will be suitable for running the intranet websites.

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The Amility team is very committed to providing fast, thorough and customer oriented service. They are always available when needed. They provide thoughtful advice and well-designed websites. The "back end" system that they install for websites is very easy to use. They are considered part of our company's team and we have no hesitation recommending them.

Phillip, Germany

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